Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer in California

New classes, new subjects, old friends, warm weather and a great Litha celebration have put me in good spirits lately. I am readying a ritual for a good friend of mine who is about to enter a new phase in his professional career. He is not necessarily a pagan, but appeals to me when he needs help or is uncertain about the outcome of a future decision. It makes me happy that my spiritual practice can help those around me.

I recently made a trip up to the Humboldt National and State Forests. The rhododendron were in bloom and everything seemed to pop with life. I had been to the Sequoia National Forest as a child, and that was my first experience with redwood giants. I can tell you that I truly had no recollection of how awesome they are. These are the largest trees in the world, and their canopy blocks out most of the sun so there is not much undergrowth, which makes it easy to walk around. The forest floor is blanketed with clovers and there are patches of fern littered throughout the surroundings. Strange mushrooms grow on gigantic fallen trees and form wonderful patterns. I felt as if there were faeries behind every corner, just out of sight. Each thousand-year-old giant seemed to have its own personality. It is no wonder why the scientists that study these trees name them. Every time I stopped and closed my eyes, I could feel an ancient overpowering calm come over me. It was as if the trees seemed to say, "You are not the first we've seen, and you won't be the last, but we are glad you are here to share this beauty with us." It is truly a magical experience and I highly recommend going if you ever have the chance to travel to Northern California.

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