Saturday, March 10, 2012 review

I came to the realization a couple months ago that I am not getting any younger. I started exercising every day, I cut processed foods out of my diet, I stopped drinking soda and cut down on my alcohol intake (*sigh*). I immediately started to feel healthier and my energy levels and mood improved significantly. There was just one thing in my life that I was struggling with that I could not seem to get under control: smoking cigarettes. I have been smoking several packs a week for about 7 years and have desired to quit for the last 3. My main issue, besides nicotine withdrawal, was that I just enjoyed the act of smoking.

2 years ago I came across e-cigarettes at my local convenience store and decided to try it out. I spent 20 dollars on the device and 5 dollars on some pre-loaded cartridges. To be honest with you, it flat out sucked. I got like maybe 5 good drags off each cartridge, and it was nothing like actually smoking. I gave up the idea for a long time until I saw my friend take a hit off his e-cigarette and blow out a large cloud of vapor (it isn't smoke, the companies claim its just water vapor). I asked him what brand of e-cigarette he was using and he told me it was just a random one. I asked him why it worked so well. He pulled out a bottle of e-juice (mixture of nicotine, vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol and flavoring) and told me that he just added it to his cartridge whenever it ran out. I had to try it for myself.

I began researching e-cigarettes on line, and found that they are more commonly referred to as vaporizers by a rather large community that makes them and mixes their own e-juice. I saved up a little extra money and began to search for the best deal from the most reputable dealer I could find. I came across recommendations in a couple forums to buy from After browsing her website, I discovered she had pretty good prices and sold what seemed to be some of the top of the market devices for pretty cheap. I ordered a vaporizer and a 30 mL bottle of e-juice (which she makes herself at home). Within about an hour of my order placement, I get an email telling me that she does not have the vaporizer in stock at the moment. She offered to give me a slightly more expensive model at the same price. I very much appreciated this gesture of customer service. She runs her business out of her home in North Carolina, and I live in Southern California, so I was expecting the order to take a while. It came in two days after it was shipped. I was not expecting it but the eGo-T vaporizer set actually comes with two vaporizers so you can charge one while you use the other. I charged one up, injected her vanilla tobacco e-juice in to the cartridge and took a hit. What I blew out I can really only compare to the consistency of a hookah hit, and it tasted great. I have smoked one cigarette since and it was a few days after I first got the vaporizer. It did not taste the same and I could noticeably smell the residual cigarette smoke on my clothes, and I did not like it at all. I actually gave my pack of 19 cigarettes away to a homeless gentleman who was very appreciative, and have not smoked since. Victoria "The Vapor Girl" runs a solid business with quality products and great customer service. I have recommended her to many of my friends, and she will continue to have my business for a long time.

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