Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Store Review: Controversial Bookstore in San Diego

With the advent of tablets and eBooks, more and more hard copy book stores are closing down. Even libraries are now making a transition to electronic media. I do not think they even teach the Dewey Decimal System in school any more (not necessarily a bad thing). In any case amongst all of this change, for the past 40+ years there has been a little gem in North Park, San Diego: the independently run Controversial Bookstore. North Park is a couple miles east of downtown, and right next to Hillcrest and is a hotbed of niche bars, restaurants and shops. In the past few years North Park has really had a revival of interest with what could be described as the scenester crowd, whereas in the 80s to mid 90s it was a hotbed of gang activity and prostitution. A couple years ago I was in my home town asking around about where I can buy obscure Occult literature, and I was directed to Controversial by many experienced witches (I do not think they would want me to call them "old"). I had not been able to find any quality books on Irish Celtic religious history and practice, and within 5 minutes of perusing the shelves, sure enough they had small section with quality old and new books. The prices were fair and the cashier was very friendly and helpful. I staid for about a hour after my transaction just browsing. They have many books pertaining to almost every metaphysical practice, holistic health technique and obscure religion that I have ever heard of as well as a fair amount of trinkets and incense. If you are like me, and enjoy building a library of substance and occult knowledge, this place is definitely a must if you are down in America's finest city. You can visit their website here.

Rating: 5 broomsticks out 5

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