Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Picky Pagan #1: Log Cabin in Big Bear

     After camping in the San Bernadino mountains this last weekend, I decided to go in to the city of Big Bear and check out some artisan shops and some antique stores (my time-wasting guilty pleasure). I had been out alone all weekend and had not really talked to anyone for the past couple days, seeing as how I was out in the wilderness, so I was in a pseudo-zen state when I arrived in the mountain town. I had been eating granola and dried fruit while camping, so I was definitely ready for a quality warm meal. It was ten in the morning on a Saturday, so I assumed that the breakfast joints would be at their best. I am not too familiar with the establishments in Big Bear, so in the best interest of making a good choice, I decided to drive around and check out my options. On the approach to downtown, I passed by a place called "Log Cabin" with a sign out front that read "Best Breakfast in Big Bear". I considered it slightly and drove on. As I passed other establishments and considered them, that claim that the sign made just started to work its way back in to my mind. I cruised around town, some more until I said out loud to myself, " Best in town, we'll see about that!" and I headed over without even really thinking about it.

     As I walked in through the front door I saw a sign that indicated for guests to wait for their waitress to seat them, so I consequently stood for about 5 minutes until I could get the attention of a waitress. I let her know that I was the only person in my party, and she directed me to sit at a small table were the sun would have been in my eyes, so I decided to sit at the larger booth next to it. Looking around, I noticed that the restaurant was about half full, which I thought was a little odd for mid Saturday morning if you have the "Best Breakfast in Town". My waitress brought me a well used menu and asked if I would like anything to drink. I ordered unsweetened iced tea. As I perused the menu, I noticed that they had a regular section and a German section. Intrigued, I order three different types of sausage, kartoffelpuffer (German potato pancakes) and sour kraut. The waitress took my order with no real interest, just kind of like I was another chore in her day to take care of. I did not take my cell phone in with me as it had been in my trunk the whole weekend, so I do not really know how long it took for my order to arrive, but seeing as how there was a family with a bunch of screaming toddlers sitting in the middle of the dining area, I started to get restless. I started noticing that most of the tablecloths had crumbs on them and the floor looked like it had not been vacuumed for a week. I spied a door to the back that had a patio that I had not recognized until then, so I jumped at the chance to move outside. When the food came I could tell that the German sausages had been store-bought but at least they were well cooked. The sour kraut was good, but inconsequential. The kartoffelpuffer tasted great (although I am no expert in German cuisine). It was all served with a small cup of sour cream and a small cup of what seemed to be Mott's applesauce. I do not like sour cream so that was left behind. The meal was, overall, satisfying but a little greasy. The meal was priced at about 12 dollars and my iced tea was about 2 so I feel it was a bit overpriced for store-bought sausage and applesauce. The waitress suddenly got nicer towards the end of my meal, obviously fishing for a tip. She was pretty attentive and refilled my ice tea a lot so I tipped her 15%. I left full, but on my way out I scowled at that sign.

The rundown: decor was old and dusty, cleanliness was barely tolerable, food was edible, service was acceptable, the prices sucked.

Rating: 2 broomsticks out of 5

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