Monday, March 21, 2011

The recent full moon.

This last weekend, on Saturday, we went through a cycle of our moon known as a "Super Moon". It was a full moon phase where the moon itself was closer to the Earth than it has been since March of 1993. I have always enjoyed the moon's presence in our skies, and as a Pagan it holds a strong spiritual significance for me. I am always interested when there is news and buzz about solar system and its bodies. Over the weekend there was a lot of buzz about the concern of scientists that the gravitational pull of the moon might trigger the Earth's tectonic plates to move and cause a serious earthquake. Because of the recent series of quakes and massive tsunami in Japan, the world has been reminded of just how little we are in control of our planet's natural forces. The moon-driven earthquake never came, and I personally thank the moon for not destroying my coast and my home.

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